Monday, November 8, 2010

My Book is Finally Out!

Hello, folks -

My first illustrated book is available! Thibodeaux Turtle & Boudreaux Bunny, for which I did the doodling, is a paperback picture book, bilingual (targeted toward the educational market), 38 pages, and the illustrations look nice. They are $16.99 each on Amazon, or you can get them from me in the US by PayPal or check. They are:

$15 for 1, $28 for 2, or $40 for 3. Shipping is included.

And that's AUTOGRAPHED! (I've never autographed a book in my life.)

If you want more than 3 copies, drop me a line and I'll contact you after I regain consciousness.

Or if you happen to be wandering through beautiful Lake County Florida on a comfy November day and would like a copy or three, let me know and I can save you a little more.

Contact me at - You can find sample images from the book on this page and on

Thanks much, and enjoy.



  1. Congratulations. I'm finding your blog through Jacketflap and I love your art!

  2. What a wonderful story Eric! I read this to my niece and she loved it. Looking forward to your next work!

  3. Congratulations and all the best for future work and great sales. Try to get the book reviewed too
    Deepak Menon

  4. Congrats to you Eric and best wishes.

  5. Wonderful news, Eric! Congratulations! Best wishes and much continued success!


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