Monday, November 8, 2010

My Book is Finally Out!

Hello, folks -

My first illustrated book is available! Thibodeaux Turtle & Boudreaux Bunny, for which I did the doodling, is a paperback picture book, bilingual (targeted toward the educational market), 38 pages, and the illustrations look nice. They are $16.99 each on Amazon, or you can get them from me in the US by PayPal or check. They are:

$15 for 1, $28 for 2, or $40 for 3. Shipping is included.

And that's AUTOGRAPHED! (I've never autographed a book in my life.)

If you want more than 3 copies, drop me a line and I'll contact you after I regain consciousness.

Or if you happen to be wandering through beautiful Lake County Florida on a comfy November day and would like a copy or three, let me know and I can save you a little more.

Contact me at - You can find sample images from the book on this page and on

Thanks much, and enjoy.